Vacation in Kaskilinna

Vacation in Kaskilinna

When you are looking for a high-quality holiday spot and a place for relaxation, Koli Kaskilinna is the right place for you. You can unwind in the whirlpool bath in the spa, or get some heat in the saunas with both electric and wooden stoves, as well as in the soft warmth of a steam sauna. The spa extends to the terrace, where a large jacuzzi tempts you to spend a luxurious evening regardless of the season. You can enjoy a live fire in the fireplace lounge. There is also a top-class TV in the lounge for you to enjoy. Cold drinks are available thanks to a high-quality fridge and bar. 

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Ski Centre of the Year. National Hiking Destination of the Year. The oldest guided nature trail in Finland. The oldest bedrock in Europe and the longest official inland water ice road in Europe. The most beautiful village shop in Finland and the most beloved national landscape. Koli is one of Finland’s most traditional travel destinations and an award-winning vacation spot with plenty on offer. See our tips for activities at Koli and the nearby region. 

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Koli is not only a travelling centre, but also a genuine North Karelian village in the Eastern corner of Finland and the European Union. Most people of Koli make their living off tourism in one way or another. As a strong culture destination and a traditional countryside village, Koli and the nearby region provide plenty of quaint services that you cannot find anywhere else. See our tips to the restaurants and shopping locations at Koli.

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