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At Koli, nature is more

The most beloved national landscape in Finland and one of the most popular national parks, the highest peak in Southern Finland, the longest official inland water ice road in Europe, crown snow slopes in winter, the great lake Pielinen. The nature at Koli, built on the oldest bedrock in all of Europe, has tempted, inspired, and pacified its visitors for centuries. At Koli, nature gives more – all year round.

Summer activities

Summer Koli takes you sailing into a blue landscape

The range of available nature activities and events at Koli is at its widest during summer. Situated in the middle of North Karelia, Koli is an easy base for exploring the sites of the culturally rich nearby regions. How about a walk over the oldest bedrock in Europe, or a visit to the village shop that is considered the most beautiful in all of Finland? Click on the adjacent picture for Koli summer tips!   

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Winter activities

Amazing crown snow scenes make for a royal Koli winter!

The tallest and longest downhill slopes in Southern Finland, the snowy ski trails, and story book landscapes with crown snow make Koli a favourite destination for many a traveller. In addition to thick snows, downhill and cross-country skiing, and snow shoe trails, winter at Koli offers memorable moments on the great lake Pielinen too: a car trip on the longest official inland water ice road in Europe is an experience to remember!

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Other sites at Koli

Koli is more than just the most beloved national landscape in Finland and one of the most diverse nature sites in the entire country! Our tip list includes for example the Simpauttaja sports park, the Paateri church and residence on the Eastern shore of lake Pielinen, the Koli nature centre Ukko in the heart of the national park, and the Koli sculpture park – all worth a visit. 

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Hot air balloon

See Koli from above!

A hot air balloon ride is an amazing experience! Get an entirely new perspective on the Koli landscape. In addition to flying in it, you can take part in the setting up and packing away of the balloon. Hot air balloons were first used successfully in Paris in 1783, making them the oldest flying vehicles in the world. Our balloon can take in 4 passengers. If you are interested in a flying experience, please let us know via our contact form.

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Karelia Golf

At Kontioniemi (50 km / 35 minutes from Kaskilinna), a championship golf course designed by the famous golf course architect Kosti Kuronen awaits you in a diverse coniferous landscape. Beginners can feel the joy of learning at the various practice spots available there. For an experienced golfer the course presents a nice challenge. You can practice at the Joensuu driving range and Pilkonpuisto course near the city centre. The everyman course at Pilkonpuisto does not even require a green card.

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The 9 hole golf course (80 km / 60 min from Kaskilinna) by the beautiful shores of lake Pielinen in Nurmes is quite demanding despite of its approachable appearance. Lake Pielinen gives the course a unique feel: the air there is nice and cool, even on a hot summer’s day. A full range (grass tee off) and a putting green with short game practice areas and bunkers are good for training.

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Regional capital Joensuu

The wide boulevards and diverse services in the centre of the city of Joensuu, located 70 kilometres from Koli, are a nice opportunity for a day of shopping. In addition to department stores, the city centre hosts specialist shops like chocolate bakeries and sporting goods stores, as well as the travel, handicrafts, and culture centre Taitokortteli, which attracts some 250,000 visitors annually.

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